Product Strategy #2: Adding a feature to Popular Successful Netflix, Think as you read through!

The task:

Add a feature that will allow you to watch something at the same time with your friends and comment and talk with each other as you watch.

The solution:

A feature that lets you sync your Netflix with a friend, and lets you chat while the movie is going either on desktop or mobile

The Process




In the interview, I tried to understand why she feels like this feature is missing and what her main motivations and pain points are. Ines told me about her idea, which I summarized into points below

  • She wants to be able to comment on the movie as it plays
  • She wants to have a chat on the same interface as the movie
  • This chat should be possible to hide
  • And finally, she wants to integrate emojis and GIFS

Jobs to be done

Let’s focus on what the customer wants when they use a product and what their goal is. I used Ines as my main user to create this feature and understand her perspective

  • I want to: Watch with a friend and be able to interact with them
  • So that: I can feel like I am with them even though I’m away.

Guerilla research

With a clear idea of what Ines wanted I started interviewing people in my house. These were the insight:


First things first, let’s look into Netflix. Because who would know more about their customer than them. Did you know they have a whole website dedicated to explaining their research called Netflix research? Neither did I, until 10 seconds ago.

  • 61 million members in the US
  • From 190 different countries (December 2019)

Lean UX Canvas

Competitive Analysis


Problem statement

How might we help the user watch movies on Netflix with their friends and chatting in a non-obtrusive way using both desktop and mobile?

User journey & Site Map

It’s time to start thinking about how the feature can fit into their product. User journeys and site maps are excellent tools to get a better overview of the business. I looked at these infographics below and thought: “Where can I implement my feature on these journeys?”


Brainstorming and MoSCoW

Low and mid-fidelity prototypes

  • Chatting (both on desktop and mobile)
  • Emojis & GIFS


I was glad to see that all the users thought it made sense that the feature was placed on the play bar. They gave me some great insights on how I could make this feature more intuitive and explain it better. Here are some examples of changes:

High fidelity prototype

Below you can find my high fidelity prototype with the happy path of sending a GIF in the chat.


  • Components
  • Prioritizing
  • Simplify
  • How to make animations on Adobe!

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